Best Keurig Coffee Maker for a Keurig Instant Coffee Fix

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

Best Keurig Coffee Maker for a Keurig Instant Coffee Fix

The convenience and reliability of a Keurig coffee maker is perhaps the reason why it’s one of the most popular coffee makers in America. Thousands of households across the US enjoy a Keurig instant coffee fix on a daily basis. One question many coffee lovers across the country have is, which Keurig coffee maker is the best and what accessories should I buy to enhance my morning cup of coffee? So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Keurig coffee makers on the market and the latest models available to buy. 

K Cup Size & Keurig Coffee Makers

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to investing in a Keurig coffee maker. From the hugely successful K- Duo with single and 12 cup serve ability, to the minimalist K-slim design ideal for a small kitchen or busy office. Choosing a Keurig coffee maker is an important decision to make. The right coffee machine depends entirely on your unique coffee needs. Do you prefer to drink coffee when you wake up in the morning? Do you enjoy frothy cappuccinos and creamy lattes or do you prefer an iced caramel latte? Your personal coffee needs will determine which Keurig model is best for you! However, you’ll be pleased to know that when it comes to K-cup size, most Keurig models hold 4,6,8,10 and 12oz. So, that’s one less thing to compare when shopping for a Keurig coffee maker.

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

Best for a Strong Cup of Coffee

One of the most popular Keurig coffee makers is the K- Duo model. This single cup and 12 cup glass carafe coffee machine allows you to make coffee for several people at once while keeping the coffee nice and warm too. With the ability to brew up to 12 cups of coffee, the K- Duo is best for those who enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day and socially, whether it be with friends or family. It’s also preferred by serious coffee drinkers who revel in a more intense caffeine hit. 

This particular model is preferred as it combines the social aspect of a carafe and the everyday need for a single brew. The carafe automatically brews and remains warm for a long period of time, perfect for coffee top ups and preparing coffee for several people. Use your favorite ground coffee in the machine or use Keurig compatible coffee pods, the power really is in your hands!

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

Multi-functional Keurig Coffee Maker

If you and your family enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages, you’ll benefit from the Keurig K-Elite coffee machine. With the unique ability to prepare iced coffee as well as hot beverages, it’s a good choice for freelancers, remote workers and families. Keep cool during the hot summer months with iced coffee on demand or warm up with a creamy cappuccino in the winter. The versatility of this model is why it’s a firm favorite in the US.

This particular Keurig coffee maker also has a hot water button so that you can make soup, oatmeal or herbal tea too. Designed to satisfy both iced coffee fans and traditional hot coffee drinkers, it’s the ultimate multi-functional Keurig coffee maker on the market. It can also accommodate 5 cup sizes and you can also fully customise your coffee and increase the strength and intensity of each brew.

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

K-Cafe Keurig Coffee Maker

In addition, if you love a frothy cup of coffee or perhaps a cappuccino, the K-Cafe special Edition single serve coffee machine by Keurig is your perfect partner in caffeine crime. This all-in-one coffeehouse brewer can make a wide range of popular coffee drinks instantly, such as creamy lattes, frothy cappuccinos and rich americanos. You can froth fresh milk including soy, almond and skimmed and instantly prepare both hot and cold beverages too. 

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

Ideal Office Coffee Machine – K- Slim Coffee Machine

A game changing coffee machine, the Keurig K- slim is a fantastic addition to your office or workspace. Giving you a fast and fresh cup of coffee every time, this particular model has a streamlined design to help you maximise limited space in your office. Able to brew up to 4 cups of coffee before it needs to be refilled, it’s perfect for a co-working space or small office environment. This reliable Keurig coffee maker is also energy efficient and can make fresh coffee in your favorite travel mug for on the go drinks. This model is compatible with K cup universal coffee filters which allows you to use your own ground coffee if you prefer. To purchase reusable K cups shop online here.

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

Keurig Coffee Maker with No Filter

Some of the classic Keurig instant coffee machines don’t actually come with a built in water filter. In this case, it’s important to use bottled water or water from a filter when brewing a cup of coffee. However, the majority of new Keurig designs use charcoal water filters in order to make a pure and great tasting cup of coffee. You will need to replace the water filters in your machine every couple of months though, and purchase Keurig compatible water filters online. Failing to replace the water filters can cause problems with the machine and also ruin the taste of your coffee. This is because there are particular chemicals and toxins in tap water in the US which can damage your coffee machine and also cause health concerns. 

Why the 8oz Button on Keurig Coffee Maker is Important 

For a busy house or an office in need of caffeine, the 8oz button on Keurig coffee makers is essential. A typical cup of coffee in the US is around 4oz, so having the ability to make 2 cups of coffee at any given time is important. Making a single cup of coffee at a time, means one will likely be cold before the second is brewed. Each Keurig coffee machine has three basic K-cup sizes: 6, 8 and 10 ounces. Yet, some machines have 4oz and 12oz capability which is best for strong cups of coffee such as espressos and if you prefer to drink coffee on the go, from a travel mug. 

In saying this, the best Keurig coffee maker for espressos in our opinion is the Keurig K-Elite Single Serve coffee maker with a 4oz functionality. As one of the latest models on the market, this coffee machine is stylish and has the ability to make both hot and iced coffee. With a handy brewer maintenance reminder to alert you when it’s time to descale your Keurig machine, the K-Elite helps you to achieve the best-possible tasting cup of coffee. It also features quiet brew technology. Enjoy the latest in the Keurig coffee maker range with the K-Elite Single Serve coffee maker.

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

Keurig Coffee Maker Accessories

No matter which Keurig coffee maker you choose, you need to carry out maintenance every so often in order to protect your favorite machine. You should aim to clean, descale and change the water filters every couple of months. If your machine uses replaceable charcoal water filters, these will need to be changed in order to efficiently remove toxins and harmful chemicals found in tap water in the US. Find out why tap water in the US is harmful and is actually ruining the taste of your morning cup of coffee: 5 Keurig Coffee Rules: Filtered Water for Coffee & Coffee to Water Ratio

Shop Keurig compatible water filters here. 

Best Keurig Coffee Machine for a Keurig coffee fix

To use your own ground coffee in your Keurig coffee maker, invest in reusable K-cups. By choosing to buy reusable K-cups, you are reducing the environmental impact single use items have and moving towards a more sustainable way of life. You will also be saving money too! To find out more about why reusable Keurig coffee pods are helping to save the planet read our article on: Save the Planet with Sustainable & Reusable Coffee Filters

Shop reusable Keurig K cups here.

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