5 Keurig Coffee Rules: Filtered Water for Coffee & Coffee to Water Ratio

How to Make the Best Coffee: Filtered Water for Coffee & Coffee to Water Ratio

Coffee is big business in the United States, with over 50 percent of Americans, over the age of 18, enjoying coffee on a daily basis. This means that over 150 million people in the US, drink Americanos, Cappuccinos, Iced-coffee, Espressos, Mocahs, Flat Whites, Lattes and of course black coffee everyday. If you love your daily caffeine fix, you probably own a Keurig coffee machine. Incredibly popular in American households, these fabulous coffee makers help keep the US caffeinated.

But, with a Keurig coffee maker, there are still ways to make your cup of coffee taste even better. Understanding the coffee to water ratio for your favorite drinks, and making sure that the water you’re using is pure will help you make the best coffee.

Let’s talk about Keurig coffee machine water filters, coffee to water ratios and common problems you may have with your Keurig coffee machine.

Here are 5 golden rules for the best coffee from your Keurig coffee maker!

Best coffee with the coffee to water ratio pure

Rule Number One: Pure Water for Coffee

Quality of water is key to brewing the best coffee.  Let’s be honest, coffee is simple, it only has two main components, water and coffee. If you’re a bit of a coffee connoisseur, we bet you wouldn’t dare make a cup of coffee using instant coffee! Yet, why do we act differently when it comes to water. Let’s explore why filtered water is so important when making the best cup of coffee.  Which is the best water for coffee?

Tap Water – A Dangerous Drink

Tap water is an easy way to make coffee. Well, let’s call it a lazy way. The problem with tap water is that it often contains chemicals and tiny impurities. This can change the taste of coffee and give it an unpleasant odour. Tap water can contain:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Salts of: arsenic. radium. aluminium. copper. lead. mercury. cadmium. barium
  • Hormones
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides

No-one wants a cup of coffee with chlorine and pesticide tainted water, now do they! Moreover, a new study from the Environmental Working Group found alarming levels of chromium-6 in tap water in the US. In fact, the EWG study revealed that 200 million Americans from around 50 states in the US are currently drinking water that contains this cancer causing chemical. With this in mind, who in the right mind would make the best coffee in America without filtered water!

Bottled Water – Bad for the Environment

Bottled water that is filtered, will give you more purity, but it’s harmful to the environment. Plus, on top of that bottled water is made from plastic that doesn’t decompose easily. In fact, 80 percent of plastic water bottles end up in landfills. Plus, each plastic water bottle has the potential to leak harmful chemicals into the environment. These toxins can cause health issues including cancer. That’s why it’s a really poor choice when making a coffee, especially if you drink coffee on a daily basis. Yes, the water itself is a step up from tap water, but there’s no need to harm the environment by making coffee. It’s certainly not the best way to make coffee.

Use Filtered Water for the Best Coffee

The best coffee is made by using filtered water. To remove impurities from tap water and minimize your use of plastic, water filters will help you to make a better tasting coffee. If you have a Keurig coffee maker, you can buy Keurig compatible water filters online that are made from carbon. Easy to use, these water filters effectively remove impurities and bad odors from tap water.

If you’d like to buy Keurig Water Filters to improve your daily caffeine hit, check out our online collection.

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Rule Number Two: Change Your Keurig Water Filters

A common problem we hear from coffee fans is that their Keurig is not drawing water properly. If your Keurig coffee machine isn’t pumping water, there is probably a clogged water line or filter somewhere. In most cases, this problem is down to the type of water people are using to make coffee. Like we said before, filtered is the best water for coffee and this is another reason why.

Tap water contains lots of minerals, and these particles can build up. Eventually your Keurig coffee machine will stop drawing water. To fix the problem, you’ll need to replace your water filters with new Keurig compatible water filters. Or, if you’ve not been using water filters in the first place, descale your machine and invest in some for future use.

Pure water helps to minimize the tiny particles that may clog up your Keurig coffee machine, so buy water filters online now.

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Rule Number Three: Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker for the Best Coffee

Another common issue we hear is “My Keurig is not brewing coffee correctly”. This problem can indicate that there’s a problem with your coffee machine. First, we recommend cleaning your coffee maker thoroughly. After that, remove and replace Keurig water filters. Using filtered water only, try to make a coffee. If your coffee maker works, great job! If you find your Keurig isn’t brewing coffee, it’s time to contact customer service.

Top tip: White distilled vinegar is a great household item to descale a Keurig coffee machine.

If you’re doing everything right, cleaning your coffee machine on a regular basis, replacing old water filters with Keurig compatible activated carbon water filters, it could be a manufacturer issue. It’s always best to consult the company before trying to fix the problem yourself.

The best coffee can’t be made with a dirty coffee machine, now can it!

Best coffee with the coffee to water ratio - best tasting coffee

Rule Number Four: Best Water to Coffee Ratio

The universally accepted water to coffee ratio is 16:1. Basically, this means for every 160 grams of water, you add 10 grams of coffee. This ratio will make or break your best coffee and it not only affects the taste but the color and density too. If you are using a Keurig coffee maker, your ability to change or enforce this perfect water to coffee ratio depends on your Keurig accessories. If you buy reusable K Cups, you can actually choose the amount of coffee you use and alter the grind size.

Reusable K Cups are also better for the environment as they replace the standard disposable Keurig Kcup coffee pods. Add your favorite ground coffee to the reusable K Cups and you’re one step closer to that perfect Flat White, Americano or perhaps Cappuccino.

Buy reusable Keurig K Cups from our online store now.

Espresso with Added Water

If you enjoy an espresso in the morning, you’ll want to know how to make the perfect caffeine fix every day. We’ve talked about the quality of water and the perfect coffee to water ratio, but does this work for an espresso too? The answer is no, but an espresso with added water can be easily achieved with the Keurig coffee machine. Start with filtered water and then use the reusable K Cups to make your espresso.

By using the reusable Keurig K Cups, you can add your own espresso ground coffee to the cups. This gives you the power to make your coffee as strong as you like. Using the water to coffee ratio of 1:2 , for a strong espresso with added water, you should aim for 20grams of ground coffee per cup.

Buy Keurig Compatible Reusable K Cups

Rule Number Five: Invest in Keurig Coffee Machine Accessories

For the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, start by investing in Keurig coffee machine water filters. Made with activated carbon, they offer a superior filtration system. Activated carbon water filters contain small pieces of carbon, which are extremely porous. These pieces effectively absorb impurities from water. In fact, according to the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency in the United States) this particular water filter is the only filter technology recommended to efficiently remove 32 identified organic contaminants found in water.

By improving the quality of the water you use for coffee, you can improve the overall taste of your next caffeine fix. Enjoy better tasting coffee everyday and with ease!

Buy Keurig Compatible Water Filters.

Buy Keurig Compatible Reusable K Cups

Will Activated Carbon Water Filters Fit My Coffee Machine? Best Water for Coffee

We offer powerful activated carbon water filters for the rear mounted and the side mounted reservoirs.

To replace your Keurig water filter, check out our online step by step guide: How To Replace The Keurig Water Filter.

At PureHQ Filters, we have an online collection of the best coffee machine accessories for Keurig coffee makers. Choose from high-quality Keurig compatible water filters to improve the taste of your coffee. Removing bad odors and impurities, these fantastic activated carbon water filters remove calcium, chlorine, sediment and other nasty taste, to give you the finest and purest cup of coffee.

When it comes to making the best coffee, use filtered water, your favorite ground coffee beans in reusable K Cups and your trusted Keurig coffee machine.

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