Deliverr A New Competitive to Amazon 2 Days Shipping – Review

We all know about the success of Amazon.com and we try to figure out what is the magic that will bring the customers to our doors. Based on the survey reported by WSJ, shipping plays a significant role that customers based their decision on. In fact, the 2-days shipping is a big factor for online consumers around the world. No wonder Amazon is pushing real hard to get the products quicker to the customer doors.

Today we will discuss a new growing company called Deliverr which allows independent eCommerce merchants and third party sellers to delivery products to consumers without being dependent on Amazon fulfillment services. In most cases online, Amazon gave the ability to different sellers to send packages to customers within 2 days. However, now a new game changer which was introduced by Deliverr will allow the customers to receive products in just 2 days from Walmart, eBay and private online ecommerce stores that are fulfilled by third-party sellers.

So our partners decided to sign up and test out this new service by Deliverr and here is our take on it.

Sign up process on Deliverr

The process is pretty quick and easy. Very simple to sign up on Deliverr for free without any hassle, plus everything goes in smooth and self explanatory process. However, one thing that you need to be aware of is that Deliverr only integrated with the selected services such us Sellbrite, Greekseller, Channeladvisor and much more.

So what does that mean?

You need to pay extra for this services in order to utilize the option to use Deliverr fulfillment services. There is no direct integration with woocommerce but there is an integration with Shopify. Hence, if you have a ecommerce store hosted on your website, you are out luck and you would need to pay extra to use the services. Got to think about if you consider saving some money and don’t have much sales on your website.

Sending inventory to Deliverr

Sending inventory on Deliverr makes it easy with an options to use from Deliverr Skus, Amazon Fnskus and bar codes. Everything is similar to Amazon style and Deliverr provides you with shipping options to choose from as sending yourself or use the rates of Deliverr to send to their own warehouse locations which are spread all over USA.

As of now, Deliverr requires you to split your products quantity and ship it to 4 different warehouses which are strategically located throughout USA for faster shipment. Thats all nice… but that adds to the cost of shipping your products and this is where you need to calculate your cost. So if you ship small quantity, we don’t find it profitable as your shipping cost rise significantly. Reaching out to Deliverr, they acknowledge this issue and claimed that one location inventory shipments will be available by end of year. We hope to see that soon.

Another limitation with Deliverr is there shipping partner. They are currently partnered with Fedex and USPS. In order to use Deliverr on daily basis, you would need to have a Fedex account and schedule a pickups (which you would need to pay for)  because Deliverr doesn’t give you an option to choice either Fedex or USPS. The system generates automatically based on saving cost and allows you to print the label for your inventory.

What about if you don’t want to use Fedex or USPS? That option is missing and you don’t have the choice.  And on top of that, they don’t offer UPS shipment options, or maybe we haven’t seen it yet. The fact remains that much Deliverr is still in their early stages and needs much more improvements before they come more competitive for all sellers to use.

We must add that we didn’t integrate Deliverr services with PureHQ products as its still being tested by our partners. As of right now… our partners inventory has been shipped out to Deliverr warehouses and we will update you soon with the process of fulfilment by Deliverr. Stay tuned for more updates.

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