Issues You May Experience When Using Reusable K Cups

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Keurig Coffee Machines

Keurig is a famous household name in the world of coffee machines. Their machines come somewhat in a bewildering range of models and colors to suit all budgets and requirements. Moreover, the Keurig machines are simple to use and reliable, many are programmable and they are pretty low maintenance. 

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world. It has created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips and simplifying the way we live our lives. However, it doesn’t mean that you might not encounter some issues along the way.

Although Keurig is widely used across 20 million+ homes in the USA, even the best Keurig coffee maker machine can impact your morning and stop you from having your delicious cup of coffee. Keurig has been widely known among consumers for its versatility, but if you have been using it for a while now, you probably have already invested in the reusable K Cups as a cost-effective or an eco-friendly way to keep on consuming your daily joe. You know that no matter how durable or dependable the machine may be, it’s bound to encounter some issues from time to time, just like any other household appliance. It’s only natural, isn’t it? As long as you know how to solve them and as long as the problems don’t arise too frequently, your coffee maker is alright.

The main issues you may encounter when using reusable K Cups are:

  • Machine overflowing from the top
  • Coffee grounds leak in cup
  • Weak, watery coffee
  • On-screen error message

Any of these problems can be frustrating, but you don’t need to cry over spilled milk (literally). Luckily, all issues mentioned are easy to fix and don’t require any complex technical skills. So in order to protect you from a ruined morning and a broken heart, let’s go over some common Keurig reusable K Cup problems and how to fix them.

Help! My Keurig Coffee Machine is Overflowing

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So you’ve woken up, you’re ready to start your day and you’re craving that delicious first cup of coffee, only to be greeted by a machine that refuses to cooperate and is overflowing, leaving you with a huge mess to clean up. This is one of the main reasons people tend to return their reusable K Cup filters after purchasing them; however, most find that the issue is not actually from the K Cup, it’s from their Keurig machine.

Try these simple adjustments to see if they can get your morning back on track and get you back to brewing.

Problem: Coffee filter basket is overflowing

Explanation: The overflow could be caused by the rubber gasket on the needle, or the machine could be clogged.

Rubber Gasket Solution:

      Open up the lid and remove the filter coffee pod.

      Find the needle that delivers water to the k-cup coffee pod. You will see a black rubber gasket near the tip.

      Carefully grab the gasket on both sides & lower it until it is almost to the bottom of the needle (do not remove it completely, it’s difficult to put back on).

      Load up the coffee pod with coffee of any grind size and make a cup.

      With the gasket re-positioned, the needle will sit tightly in the hole at the top of the filter coffee pod and you will have no more leaks.


If your machine is clogged, your best bet is descaling:

Your Keurig might not be releasing a sufficient amount of coffee due to a build-up of coffee beans or cocoa mix. You can descale your machine with a couple of simple steps:

      Begin the descaling process by filling the reservoir with 10 ounces of white vinegar or Keurig‘s Descaling Solution.

      Start the brew cycle without a K cup and let the machine run as usual, using a mug to catch the liquid.

      Repeat this process a second time.

      Repeat the process one last time, but with 10 ounces of freshwater to remove any vinegar taste.

      Brew coffee as usual.

I Found Coffee Grounds In My Cup After Brewing In The Keurig – What Should I Do?

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Nobody wants bits of coffee ground in their mouth when they first wake up. If you’re getting grounds in your cup after brewing it means coffee grounds may have gathered in the exit needle of your Keurig brewer.

Problem: Puncture or exit needle is dirty

Explanation: The Keurig uses two needles to function. One needle punctures the top of the K Cup so that water can flow into the coffee, and one punctures the bottom allowing the brewed coffee to flow out and into your cup. At times, the coffee grounds in the K Cups can get into the exit needle, so when the brewed coffee flows out, it brings these coffee grounds with it.

Solution: To get rid of this issue, you need to clean the exit needle. Some Keurig machines come with a small plastic tool meant for cleaning the needles. If it did, use the tool to gently scrape the coffee grounds out of the needle. If your machine did not come with this tool, you can use a toothpick or a straightened paper clip to do the same thing. Make sure to be careful & gentle so you don’t risk pushing the grounds further into the needle and clogging the machine.


My Coffee Is Weak & Watery

issue with coffee taste

There’s nothing worse than having that first sip and finding out that it’s not the usual taste you’ve come to know and love. Below are some options that will allow you to maximize your Keurig for better, stronger brews.

Problem: Coffee comes out weak and watered down

Explanation: Keurig machines function in a particular way. To simplify it, the water that is passed through the pod doesn’t spend much time in contact with the coffee grounds. Unfortunately, this can lead to a weak drink that seems more like coffeeflavored water rather than the dark elixir we crave.


      Double up your pod, add a bit more coffee than you usually would.

      Use dark roast or a stronger coffee of preference.


Problem 2: Coffee stays weak no matter the size of the cup or strength of the brew.

Solution 2: We mentioned the steps you need to take to descale your machine when it’s clogged but this method also works if your Keurig is not making a good cup of coffee, the main cause for this is again is most probably because it’s dirty. Go ahead and begin the descaling process with the same steps:

      Begin the descaling process by filling the reservoir with 10 ounces of white vinegar or Keurig‘s Descaling Solution.

      Start the brew cycle without a K-Cup and let the machine run as usual, using a mug to catch the liquid.

      Repeat this process a second time.

      Repeat the process one last time, but with 10 ounces of freshwater to remove any vinegar taste.

      Brew coffee as usual.


Oops! This Pack Wasn’t Designed For This Brewer

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As we mentioned at the beginning, technology can be frustrating sometimes. You received the well-known Keurig error message informing you that the brand new reusable pack you just purchased wasn’t designed for the brewer that you have.

Problem: The main reason you might be seeing this error message is possibly due to the sensor not detecting the reusable K Cup or due to something as simple as the laser lens needing a quick clean.


      Try repositioning your reusable K-Cup and turn it around so it is directly in the middle.

      Try cleaning the laser lens with a Q-tip as coffee oils can build up on the glass.

      If all else fails then you can simply exchange your current reusable K-Cup for a different K-Cup from our range of high-quality accessories here at PureHQ.


Change The Way You Start Your Day

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We at PureHQ know the difference between good coffee and great coffee, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the right products to change the way they start their day. When you purchase a product from PureHQ, you’re purchasing reliability and peace of mind, along with the finest quality out there.

So if you’re fed up with the issues your current K Cup brings you, or you’re interested in saving the planet while saving some cash. Here are just some of the reusable Keurig coffee filters we have in our online collection:

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We hope that you found this article helpful and that we were able to assist you with some of the issues you might have been experiencing. If you have any further questions or inquiries about any of our products, our team at PureHQ is always available to help via our live chat service or by simply dropping us a message via the contact us tab on our website. 

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  1. Marilyn Morton says:

    You are a life saver. The rubber gasket was the problem with my reusable k cup. I gently pulled it down closer to the needle and made a test cup of coffee and magically it did not spit and sputter out coffee from the machine head. Thanks

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