What We Can Learn From 5 Unlikely Coffee Fanatics

coffee fanatics

Just about everybody loves coffee — this much we know. As you’ve likely noticed in your own circle of friends and family, some are more enthusiastic about the drink than others.

This is the case where the rich and famous are concerned, too. Perhaps this is self-evident, but drinking coffee is such a commonplace activity that it seems strange to envision celebrities doing it. So, which celebrities are particularly “in” on coffee — and what might we actually take from their habits?

We’re highlighting a few fanatics and what they actually show us about coffee consumption and culture.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a known coffee enthusiast. Many have pointed out that this is fitting given that her last name is the same word Starbucks uses to describe medium-sized beverages. Beyond this coincidence though, the pop star has actually involved herself with Starbucks in the past, frequenting the coffee bars, talking up their soy recipes (Grande is vegan), and even directly promoting the company’s “Cloud Macchiato” beverage a few years ago.

More recently though, Grande has shifted her allegiance away from Starbucks and toward independent, minority-owned businesses. She has specifically used her platform to bring business to Black-owned independent shops — withdrawing her support from Starbucks after the company initially failed to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement (which it later did). Through this little journey, Grande reminds us that there’s an activism side to coffee consumption. Those of us who love the drink can actually do a lot to support positive social policies (and sustainable production for that matter).

Ben Affleck

Actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck don’t have quite the on-record coffee history Ariana Grande does. That said, he seems to have been photographed with coffee as much or more than any celebrity that we can think of. Like many other celebrities who hail from Massachusetts, Affleck is known as Dunkin Donuts loyalist and it’s become something of a running internet joke. He’s frequently spotted juggling multiple enormous Dunkin iced coffees at once.

It’s nothing to take too seriously, but Affleck does teach coffee lovers two important lessons: It’s ok to drink a whole bunch of coffee when the mood strikes, and it’s fine to stick with what you love.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth may not be quite an A-list star Grande and Affleck are, he is still a name you may remember. Hellmuth was one of the prominent figures in the heyday of televised pro poker and one of the best players of all time. He’s still active on the pro circuit while he’s not associated too closely with straight-up coffee. He has helped to launch a “cerebral beverage” that uses green coffee beans for part of its caffeine supply.

Hellmuth appears to value this beverage for its caffeine “spread over 10 hours,” stating that this is ideal for poker players who “need to stay stable.” We often think of caffeine boosts as ways to “wake up” for a particular event or occasion, but Hellmuth is (of course) correct in identifying poker as something different. One of the best ways to win at poker is actually to avoid getting “too high” (or low), but rather maintain calm throughout games and tournaments. A sustained, stable caffeine hit is naturally appealing for this reason, and while we can’t speak to Hellmuth’s own beverage, he provides a reminder that it’s wise to figure out what sort of coffee consumption works best for you from an energy standpoint. Taking time to try different drinks and different times of day may just lead you to work out your perfect formula.

Boris Diaw

professional basketball for nearly two decades (winning an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2014). And among a handful of other NBA players known to enjoy their coffee, Diaw rose to the top, developing a strong reputation as something of an expert — or at least an enthusiast on a different level.

The story goes that Diaw loves coffee enough to have had a machine installed in his locker while he played with the Spurs. The lesson here is that if coffee is a big enough part of your life, you should go ahead and splurge on whatever way you can best and most regularly prepare it.

Reese Witherspoon

Last but not least is Reese Witherspoon, the star actress who — like so many of us — has made her love of coffee known repeatedly to the public. Witherspoon actually has a minor habit of sharing recipes of food or drink passions on social media. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she’s made it known that she is in on the dalgona trend. This drink can be made in a few different ways but it is basically a form of whipped and sweetened expresso, either hot or cold milk.

Witherspoon’s enthusiasm for this trendy beverage is a nice reminder that different coffee recipes are worth trying. There’s a lot you can do with this core beverage aside from just tinkering with your Starbucks order, once you find the right recipe you’ll have a new favorite part of your day.

You don’t need celebrities to tell you that coffee is wonderful. There really are things you can learn from some of the more interesting fanatics in the world of the rich and famous!

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