Stackable Ice Trays: Your Kitchen Must Have

stackable ice tray

Stackable Ice Trays: Your Kitchen Must Have

Looking for a way to jazz up your kitchen? Stackable ice trays are the perfect solution! Stackable ice cube trays are not only great for entertaining, but they also help you get creative with your drinks. Hexagon-shaped ice cubes will add an unexpected twist to any cocktail you’re mixing up.

Stackable ice trays are also great for getting creative with your water. Stack different shapes of ice cubes to create a fun design in any glass or pitcher!

In this article, we learn about the 5 ways you can use stackable ice trays, how you can purchase them, and unleash some unique ice cube recipes! Yes, they exist.

Let’s dive in!

5 Ways You Can Use Ice Cube Trays from Pure HQ

What do you need, but don’t have? Yep, you guessed it – stackable ice trays.

Ice cube trays are a staple in every kitchen and bar cart. They make our drinks look pretty, but there are also tons of ways you can use them in your daily life. Stackable ice trays aren’t just for cocktails! You never know when inspiration will hit, and these little guys come in handy time after time again.

Let’s learn 5 unique ways to get creative with this kitchen must-have.

#1 Freeze Unused Ingredients

Avoid wasting food and money by freezing food that is close to its sell-by date. Stackable ice trays are perfect for freezing leftovers, sauces, and other liquids to save them later, and you can even freeze fresh herbs to avoid them going bad before you have a chance to use them.

For example, you can chop up leftover vegetables and place them in an ice cube tray. Once they are frozen solid, pop out the cubes and store them in a freezer bag or container for later! You now have homemade stock at your fingertips.

#2 Freeze Your Extra Coffee

Delicious iced coffee is just a cube away! Stackable ice trays are great for freezing leftover coffee so that you can have them later. It’s the perfect way to keep your drinks cool without watering them down. All you have to do is pour the coffee into an ice tray, let it freeze, and then store it in a freezer bag.

For best results, use cold or room-temperature coffee when freezing. You can also make delicious chocolate-covered espresso beans by melting down some dark chocolate and dipping your frozen coffee cubes in it!

#3 Freeze Fresh Fruit Inside the Ice Cube Tray

Perfect for summer iced teas, lemonades, and other refreshing drinks! Stackable ice trays are great when you’re craving something cold or want to jazz up your drink. All you have to do is place the fruit in an ice cube tray (pitted cherries will look like jewels!), fill it with water, freeze overnight and enjoy your refreshing beverage the next day.

You can also use berries, sliced oranges, and other fruit that looks excellent frozen! Stackable ice trays are a simple way to add some flair to any drink you’re making up.

#4 Blend Some Greens and Freeze Them!

Looking for a way to use up those healthy greens? Stackable ice trays are perfect for this! They’re also great if you have some leftover vegetable puree from your last batch of homemade baby food. Just blend the veggies/fruit, pour them into an ice tray, and freeze overnight. Once they’re frozen solid, pop out the cubes and store them in freezer bags for later.

You can also use ice cube trays to make healthy, homemade popsicles! Stackable ice cubes are perfect if you’re looking for a fun way to sneak some veggies into your kids’ snacks or drinks. And, Hexagon ice trays will make it even more amusing!

#5 Freeze Leftover Broth

If you know that your family isn’t going to eat the leftover broth after a recipe, freeze it! Hexagon ice trays are perfect for this since they can hold quite a bit. Just pour some broth in an ice cube tray and leave them overnight – once frozen solid, store them in freezer bags or containers, and you’ll have homemade stock at your fingertips.

Stackable ice trays are great for freezing broth because it’s one of the best ways to keep them fresh, without watering down other dishes. Stackable ice cubes can be used in any recipe that calls for stock (soup, gravy, etc.), and you’ll never have to worry about wasting ingredients again!

What Does BPA Free Mean?

BPA stands for bisphenol A, a chemical used in the production of certain plastics. Ice cube trays are BPA-free to ensure your health and safety. Here at PURE HQ, our stackable hexagon ice trays don’t leach chemicals into the food, making them safe for use with all kinds of drinks and foods – from water, juice, or milk to yogurt or baby formula.

5 Flavored Ice Cube Recipes

Ice water may be healthy, but it’s pretty dull. However, add a few flavored ice cubes to the mix and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous, flavorful drink!


  1. Get your ingredients ready. Wash and chop fruit and herbs to the desired size.
  2. Place a few pieces of fruit or herbs into each compartment of your ice cube tray.
  3. Fill the ice cube tray up with water.
  4. Freeze.

5 Different Flavors:

  • Lemon + Lime +
  • Watermelon + Basil
  • Strawberry + Basil
  • Cucumber + Mint
  • Mint + Lime – This is amazing with a mojito!

Buy Your Hexagon Ice Tray Today!

As you can see, everyone needs stackable ice trays in their kitchen! Stackable hexagon ice trays are perfect for any drink, whether it’s water or coffee. They’re also great if you’re making flavored drinks like mojitos and margaritas (and even better with the addition of some fruit-infused jello!)

If you want to claim yours, head to our website. Stackable ice trays are a must-have in any kitchen, so you definitely can’t miss out on owning your very own. At PureHQ, we have everything you need to stock your kitchen with all the essentials, from stackable ice trays to hexagon ice cube trays and more!

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