Purified Water ​Through Using​ Water Filters​ ​In Your ​Keurig Coffee Maker​ ​| The​ ​Health  Benefits  

Purified Water – ​Why Is It So Important?  

Purified water has a wide range of health benefits, and these benefits can have significant  positive impacts on your body (and even your mind). At PureHQ, we know that purified water is  a great solution to many of the most common alignments when it comes to living a healthy life. Consuming a beautiful cup of coffee is a big part of those alignments, and we would love to pass this insight on to you.

Hot H20 is incredibly solvent, so much so that it has the ability to leach flavors and oils out of  your coffee beans that lie in your Keurig coffee maker. Believe it or not, a good cup of joe is  around 98.75% water and 1.25% soluble plant matter. Since most of us consume at least one cup of coffee a day, it begs to question what type of water are we actually putting into our bodies?

Many of us are already aware that drinking water is super important for our health. However, we also tend to forget that the type we drink is equally as important. When you drink plenty of  water, it has its share of health benefits, but only purified water can give you the biggest health benefits. This is because water that isn’t free of microbiological pathogens and chemicals, could actually mean a larger risk to your overall health. With this in mind, you can see why it’s vital to invest in a water filter for your Keurig coffee maker; and why water purifying systems are so valuable.   

Purified Water​ – The ​Health Benefits

Ancient human beings and most other insects and animals were destined to drink water to survive. This is due to the wide range of health benefits that come with it. If we think about this clearly, to receive the proper health benefits that purified water provides;  we mustn’t drink dirty water that is full of contaminants (as all this does is only encourage poor health.) Instead, we are all destined to drink the purest and best tasting water available. 

When you purchase a water filter and begin in your journey of only drinking purified water, it does so much more than just quench your thirst. Drinking purified water also keeps your body in great condition!  Whether you’re purifying your water through a water filter in your Keurig coffee maker to indulge in your delicious daily joe, or you’re just trying to transform your lifestyle to a healthier one; there are many benefits to drinking fresh, clean H20! 

Let’s explore: 

  • Drinking purified water promotes healthier skin –  One of the top health benefits of drinking purified water is that it promotes healthier and more hydrated skin. If you don’t apply appropriate hydration in your daily routine, your skin can appear dry and dehydrated. If you’re looking for that plump and fresh epidermal layer, increase your clean water content for a healthier look. 
  • It promotes better hair health – If you’re struggling with hair-related issues, it’s possible to cure it with purified water. One-fourth of every hair strand is water weight, if you drink a good amount daily, it can help retain strength in your hair by stopping it from becoming brittle. 
  • Want to get that belly in? Drink up! – Yes, drinking the right amount of purified water can help you lose weight. Believe it or not, this zero-calorie liquid can help boost your metabolism and also cleanse your body of all toxic waste it produces. By using a water filter, your purified water can help you to control your appetite and prevents you from overeating (as can coffee). 
  • Purified body strength  – To be able to keep your body running at an optimum level, a lot of organs need to be in coordination in order to keep your joints healthy and muscles strong. 75% of our muscles are made up of water, so we need to drink as much as we can to keep our muscles functional. Another important fact to keep in mind is that the water we drink helps in building up the synovial fluid that is the lubrication of joints. Due to this, we highly recommend that you keep track of how much purified water you’re intaking. 
  • Improve food digestion by drinking purified water – Our digestive system is one of the most essential parts of our body. To keep our gut healthy, we must drink clean water. By drinking purified water, it helps in the breakdown of the largest and complex macro foods so that their nutrients are easily facilitated by the body.

The Importance of Water Filters in Keurig Coffee Makers

There’s a lot of debate around whether coffee tastes better when you use a water filter in your Keurig coffee maker. Of course, there’s no doubt that a delicious cup of coffee makes a great way to start your day, and that an amazing cup can be a celebration to the senses; especially if brewed using a water filter and high quality, roasted, single-origin coffee beans. If you ask any coffee enthusiast if the type of water in their coffee causes them to be concerned, the majority will agree! 

As we mentioned earlier, coffee is mostly made up of water. As it covers 98%, it’s obviously going to have a serious impact on the final coffee taste. Many large coffee shop chains like Starbucks use an in-house filtration system that removes contaminants and chlorine. However, this can also interfere with the smell and taste of your coffee. All coffee shops tend to deep clean and descale their equipment each evening to prevent the build-up of limescale, as should you with your own Keurig coffee maker. 

When it comes to using purified water in your Keurig coffee maker, there are usually three types available in the average home: bottled, tap (as long as there is a water filter installed in the drains), or filtered through a bought kitchen appliance. 

Now let’s dig into this a bit deeper: if you were to use bottled water, it would end up being pretty expensive, especially when using it to make hot drinks. Tap water, unless you have installed a water filter in your pipes, is automatically out of the equation as it contains microbiological pathogens and chemicals that, as we discussed earlier, we don’t want in our bodies. Then we have Keurig coffee makers with water filters as a purchased appliance, we now know that this is your best bet, as it eliminates sodium, organic solids, and bacteria. 

Not only does the type of water you use in your Keurig coffee maker affect the taste of your brew, but it can also considerably affect your brewing equipment. Using water filters is especially important when using Keurig coffee makers, as the hard water quickly calcifies inside the machine. If you’re interested in finding out how or why this happens, check out our previous article on ‘Descaling a Keurig Machine for a Better Coffee Taste, in this, it explains how choosing the best water source for the best coffee taste is vital, and how water filters play an important role. 

Charcoal Water Filters for your Keurig Coffee Maker

All water filters are a great solution to achieving perfect purified water, however, charcoal filters are ideal for filtration as they do not strip the water of its natural qualities. Activated charcoal also promotes a wide variety of health benefits! Not only do they remove harmful compounds, but they also add healthy salts that enhance your coffee’s water quality. Just some of the useful minerals you can obtain from charcoal filtering are iron, calcium, and magnesium.

If you’re looking to invest in a water filter for your Keurig coffee maker, check out PureHQ’s water filter selection.

When you buy a water filter from PureHQ, you’re buying quality. All of our filters come individually wrapped, to sustain freshness and each water filter decontaminates fine particles to keep your Keurig coffee maker functioning normally. 

Furthermore, by using our water filters, you’re putting a stop to harmful chemicals passing into your brew. Not only do they leave you feeling affected, but they also negatively impact the brewing process; leaving your freshly made cup of coffee not very appealing. Our premium water filters promise to not affect the vital minerals, salts, and oxygen in your water.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we think that Keurig coffee makers with water filters come with a lot more health benefits and can massively improve the taste of your brew. If you’re a daily coffee drinker and a regular Keurig coffee maker user, then investing in a premium water filter will be a life-changing experience and a step towards a healthier future. 

Get yours now!

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